RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: People Caring for Raccoons

“Raccoon War” by MonikerLewinsky from FreakingNews.com

No real interesting “raccoons in the news” lately, but I have found several stories of good Samaritans taking care of orphaned infant raccoons.

  1. “Bandit” Stole Family’s Heart at York Region (Ontario, Canada)
  2. A Raccoon Called “Michael” at BDN Maine 
  3. Illinois Couple finds Raccoon Friends at BDN Maine

These people made wise choices, because when the raccoon uprising occurs they’ll be spared.  Make no mistake, the raccoon uprising is still coming.  After all, raccoons knocked out the power in Winnipeg earlier this week, leaving parts of the city defenseless for an hour and a half, well before dawn when most people are asleep and already vulnerable

Sleep tight.


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