Piranha 3DD Review & Epilogue

I saw Piranha 3DD yesterday (fortunately one of the 86 theaters nationwide showing it was nearby).  The theater was empty (maybe seven other people at the showing I attended.)  It had its moments, but on the whole it wasn’t as good as its predecessor. It was a funnier movie, but the comedy was very self-aware.  It came off more as a parody of a crappy killer fish movie rather than just being a crappy killer fish movie.  That did not make for a good time as the humor was there to make up for the clear lack of gore.  Whereas the last movie reveled in its tasteless violence and sought new ways to go over the top, this one pulled its punches; and not in an effort to attain wider appeal, because the abundance of breasts on display would never have gotten it a PG-13 rating, but probably due to a lack of budget.

On the good side I’m part of a relatively exclusive club.  This movie pulled in an astonishingly paltry $179,000 in theaters for its debut weekend.  At an average price of probably $11.50 per ticket, that means around 15,000 people across the country actually saw this train wreck of a movie.


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