It Works!

I own an Asus Transformer. Ever since they upgraded the OS to Ice Cream Sandwich the damn thing was experienced a problem wherein it randomly reset itself–unsuccessfully–while asleep.  Since it always froze while resetting it would would burn through its battery and so the stupid thing became useless to have around for extended periods of time.  When I recently went on my three week cross country trip I didn’t even bother bringing the stupid thing with me (making me feel all envious of my friend and his fancy iPad.)

Well lo and behold, they’ve finally pushed out an update that seems to have fixed the problem!  Well, so far at least.  Now my only problem is that I was also saddled with a detachable keyboard with extended battery that seems to drain power rather then provide it.

I don’t know if this is an endorsement for Asus or not.  I mean, on the one hand they have a bad habit of making crappy products.  On the other, they do seem to make an effort to fix things.  I’m generally happy with my Android device, but ultimately I wish I had bought an iPad.


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