I Actually Kind of Agree with Loki

In The Avengers, Loki grandstands by proclaiming that freedom is something that only results in unhappiness and that people would be better of just submitting to others (their superiors.) People are eager to follow trends, fashions, fads, revolutions, political dogma, religious dogma, and other things that sublimate their individuality. I’ve encountered people who hate gays because “Jesus said so,” who were fans of soccer for no reason other than they were Latino, or ate Pocky because they watched anime.  These were things they did not necessarily because they wanted it, but because it was an easy choice to make instead of learning what they wanted.  I can’t exactly judge, I too have experienced the joy of having limited choice.

The problem was that Loki was kind of a dick.  What if someone benevolent came along and offered genuine fulfillment and happiness but at the cost of freedom?  You know, like in Colossus: The Forbin Project, but a little less cold?  Would people still want to oppose that?


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