It’s Not Progress; It’s Just Insulting

So DC and Marvel are making big news about how they’re introducing a gay character and having a gay marriage.

This is big, important news showing how daringly progressive either studio is.

You know, like when DC made a big deal about having a lesbian Batwoman and the inclusion of new, gay Teen Titan last year.  Or when Image made one of the Gen13 characters a lesbian in the way back when of the mid-90’s.  Or when Marvel had gay characters in Young Avengers (which wasn’t quite as well known) and Runaways (a series which had an absolutely stellar first couple of volumes.)

Actually, those last two examples are the ideal situation, or as the artist for Ultimate Spiderman said to USA Today: “Maybe sooner or later a black or gay — or both — hero will be considered something absolutely normal.”  (The comment then set the internet ablaze with rumors that the replacement for Peter Parker in the Ultimate universe would not only be ethnic, but also gay, which Marvel then had to issue a statement to deny.)

Yes, “normal,” as in not needing a press release (or a reveal on The View) which firmly places the occurrence in the realm of “stunt.”


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