Fan art by spicysteweddemon.

ZOMG!!!  There’s a company called Diskotek Media, who I never heard of until this week but it looks like they bought up–and are re-releasing–a lot of “catalog” (read: “old”) anime from closed studios such as ADV Films and Central Park Media.  This company released the “classic” Osamu Tezuka anime Unico on DVD this week.  Younger people (under the age of 25) may not be too familiar with this property, it hasn’t been widely available in the United States since the mid-1980’s.  I remember watching them on VHS as a kid and really enjoying them.  Or not.  I mean, these days my sister and I have a fondness for these classics but I can’t tell if it’s just based on nostalgia or if there was a genuine like of them right off the bat.

The sequel, though, that was just creepy as hell.  

Even back then we could tell there was some foreign quality to these movies, but we weren’t able to pinpoint it as Japanese the way anime is more well-known today.  The art style and animation weren’t quite the same as the Disney films we were familiar with (although that line certainly got blurred throughout the 90’s) and there was a kind of cheesiness to everything, even to us at the age of 6 or 8.

Well, I’m totally psyched.  I need to get these DVDs sooner rather than later.  They’re a gap in my movie collection in need of addressing.

Speaking of obscure movies …


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