My Head Hurts

I just finished reading Jim Marrs’ The Rise of the Fourth Reich.  That’s some wacky stuff there, I’ll tell you.  It’s remarkable how this guy was able to write 400 pages on a topic without any clear purpose.  Who was behind this supposed Fourth Reich?  It’s not the Nazis, as he says they were only having their strings pulled.  Who was pulling them?  Some other nation’s government?  No, he said they’re also being manipulated.  He does indicate that the it’s “rich people” who are the ones ruling the world behind the scenes, for some unknown purpose (they’re already very rich, what else are they trying to accomplish?)  He talks about how fluoride was put into the water the pacify the population, starting in the late 50’s, which should mean that the 60’s and 70’s did not see any social turmoil … OOPS!  He talks about how they’ve instituted programs to engage in population control, despite populations everywhere only continuing the grow.  He indicates medications are doled out for the purpose of driving everyone insane, then cites numerous cases of people engaging in violence while under medication.  But this also ignores the numerous people on medications who have not engaged in violence–as a means of destroying a population the methods of this super-conspiracy are bizarrely scattershot.

Oh ho! He insists their methods are calculated in the extreme, and that they’ve never suffered a setback, error, or fault.

Of course, taken in context with this author’s body of work, including Alien Agenda, one might conclude that these flawlessly scheming conspirators are in fact aliens.  Why not?  Marrs alludes to Nazi communication with aliens early in the book, as well as indicating that they were capable of time travel.

Really, when you throw down dozens of random dots it’s easy to connect them into something resembling a pattern and then insist the image was there to begin with, when it in fact was not.  This is why the grand conspiracy seems to never make a mistake … everything works to someone’s benefit.  The mistake is thinking they’re all the same someone.


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