Real Steel was not Twilight Zone the Movie part 2

I was browsing around the internet this weekend and ran across some idiot comment that, while watching the last year’s Real Steel he felt it struck him as familiar to an episode of the Twilight Zone.  He then went online and saw that his suspicions were confirmed, as they were both based on the same short story by writer Richard Matheson (best known for I Am Legend.)

One can only conclude that this individual had not taken the time to actually watch at least one of these productions.  The only real similarity between the “Steel” episode of Twilight Zone and the Real Steel movie was the concept of robot boxers.  Even then, in “Steel” the robots are automatons while in Real Steel they need to be remote-controlled. The crux of the Twilight Zone show was that a human needed to step into the ring to go toe-to-toe with a robot (and loses miserably) whereas Real Steel focused on a typical sports underdog story (with a father/son relationship subplot.)  The summation of Real Steel as “Rocky meets Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots” is an apt one.   Calling it “a big screen remake of a Twilight Zone episode” is wholly ignorant; the result of someone with a little bit of knowledge (noticing that they were “based” on the same short story) not having the wisdom to actually analyze either piece of work.  This would be like saying that the movie A Sound of Thunder must have been an accurate adaptation of the short story by Ray Bradbury because it says it’s an adaptation (long story short; it’s an awful movie in its own right and poor adaptation.) 

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