I am unemployed.  This has become a common state of being for me. Unlike the last two times I was at least not caught unaware by the situation.  I quit my job this time.  And yet I still feel a degree of whiplash from the event.  I suddenly find myself with much more time than I used to have.  I’ve heard people talk about being afraid of having so much spare time because they wouldn’t want to be bored.  How can one be bored?  I have a backlog of video games to play that, books to read, movies & anime to watch, I’ve been exercising, and I’ve taken up playing the alto saxophone again.
Bored isn’t an option.  This is all the crap you’d have wanted to do if you weren’t stuck at work.  Well, it’s what I wanted to do.  That’s probably very sad to most people who would rather do something more, I don’t know, social or productive if they had the time.  But hey, to each his or her own, right?
I can’t shake the feeling that my life (and especially my career) has been kicked in the balls hard enough to piss blood for a year and I’ve accepted that the more I delay looking for a job the more screwed up my prospects will become.  However I also acknowledge that I’m no longer sure what I want those prospects to be.  I’ve had several jobs in my chosen career and they all made me very miserable.
More on that in a minute.

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