I just wasted an hour watching a documentary called DMT: The Spirit Molecule on Netflix. 

In short: hippies drugged out of their minds insisting that because they can go on weird trips that they’ve been exposed to the knowledge of the universe and have experienced the next stage of human evolution. 

These people are no different than people who believe in bigfoot.  They claim to have tons of knowledge and yet for all that have no proof of practical gains.  At one point someone claims he experienced a thousand years of knowledge in a ten-minute period.  Another person claims that through the use of these drugs we’ll discover sciences for things we can’t even imagine yet. 

And at the same time this documentary talks about how ancient civilizations have exploited these drugs for ages.  So why haven’t we discovered those sciences yet?  Why didn’t the guy who experienced the next 1,000 years provide us with some idea as to what these undiscovered technologies will be?  Why haven’t these people, for all their research, been able to produce anything practical, verifiable, or repeatable?

Right, because they’re just a bunch of dumb-ass drug addicts trying to convince themselves they haven’t wasted their lives.


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