Wear the Clothes that Prove You’re a Free Thinker!

One of the more amusing things I saw at the Reason Rally last weekend were people wearing shirts proclaiming their atheism or were emblazoned rhetoric such as “we are made of stardust.”  Well, apparently these shirts came from the same manufacturer, who is preparing to launch a line of atheist clothing.  In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with that; I’m sure there are plenty of pro-religion clothing and accessories out there made by people who couldn’t care less about whatever faith they’re exploiting so there’s no reason somebody shouldn’t take advantage of those who lack faith.  It may very well be a vast, untapped market.  However, the people who wear those shirts?  They’re idiots.  Here’s their reasoning:  “I want to show the world what a free thinking I am by wearing clothes I hope other free thinkers wear to show that they’re free thinkers!”


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