Finding Bigfoot

I have some guilty pleasure shows.  Actually, considering the abundant crap on television these days, I think watching any program qualifies as a guilty pleasure.  Unless it’s Mad Men, which the media continues to assure me at every opportunity is the most mind blowing and brilliant drama in the history of ever.  It’s important because it’s boring.  It’s so important that you would only be short changing yourself if you dared to watch it in marathon sessions the way one might be inclined to do with lesser programming.

Although I Guess it has its Good Parts

But for some reason I got a kick recently out of watching Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, which just wrapped up its second season. Imagine the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, but a little less aggressively obnoxious and significantly more idiotic.  I know you’re thinking “how could something be more idiotic than the adventures of Zak Bagans and his crew of dolts?”  But here’s the thing; the Ghost Adventures continually get something to justify their continued investigations.  Questionable as the evidence they amass may be, at least they have orbs on video or incomprehensible noises to interpret as electronic voice phenomena.

Contrary to the title of Finding Bigfoot, not only is bigfoot never found, but episodes pass with them not even getting evidence that can vaguely be interpreted as evidence of the creature’s existence.  While the investigators constantly claim “this area definitely has a bigfoot” or “this experiment will definitely attract a bigfoot” the best evidence they’ve ever gotten were mysterious noises in the woods, for which there were dozens of plausible explanations other than sasquatch, or evidence so circumstantial–such as the presence of food sources–as to be meaningless.  Even more amusing is the researchers’ constant insistence that they have intimate knowledge of bigfoot behavior including family structures, food choices, and communication patterns despite not having any solid proof that the creatures even exist (as denoted by the show’s title.)

The Ghost Adventures guys are merely annoying.  The Finding Bigfoot people are crazy.


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