It Seems a Silly Thing

I find myself unemployed once again.  Why?  Because I couldn’t get along with my boss.  I’m not going to say it was all his fault.  I think we both could have exercised a little more patience with each other.  But, in the end, dealing with him was a nerve wracking and frustrating experience.  So I effectively quit my job because it made me unhappy.  That’s the kind of thing many people unhappy with their job dream of doing, but usually have enough sense to recognize as being an impractical action and so they don’t indulge such a fantasy.  I’m apparently not that smart.  When my boss called me in, after a particularly combative couple of days, and charged me with developing a plan to remedy the situation I admitted to him that it wouldn’t be worth the effort and just told him I’d be quitting.  It was oddly liberating.

Nonetheless, I’m now without any income.  On the good side I don’t have any responsibilities, either.  I live with my parents (embarrassing a thing to admit as that is) and so I have no mortgage or rent, I have no children, or even a wife/girlfriend to support, heck my car is even paid off.  I imagine that if I did have such concerns I wouldn’t have been so quick to escape from that boss.

Does the lack of these trappings, and those increased propensity for recklessness, make me immature?  Is maturity nothing more than creating restrictions on one’s freedoms?  Or is the willful acceptance and adherence to those restrictions?  What if those trappings encroach on someone without forethought (say an unwanted/unexpected child)?  Is that kind of “forced” maturity really maturity?


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