Cool Beer Art

I recently did a beer run and decided to buy my alcohol based on how much I liked the art on the labels.  There’s some impressive work to be seen on these bottles, some of which can be pretty evocative. 

I’ve always liked the look of vector or posterized art.  This makes a piece less complicated, and thus easier to print, but is also a very cool effect.  The beers from Kona Brewery, which produces my favorite beers and has become my go-to brand over the past few years, uses this style for its labels.  Koko Brown was a brew I was unfamiliar with, but given my tendency to buy flavored beers it was a no-brainer for me to pick up. The coconut taste wasn’t as strong as I hoped.  I’m not even sure I could call it an aftertaste.  You could only really pick up on the hint of coconut as it was going into the mouth and the nose faintly picked it up in the gap between the edge of the bottle and the lips.

I’m not sure what’s going on in this art for Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye.  I generally don’t like IPAs, they’re just too bitter, but the art stood out for me.  The drawing style was much more “comic book” than I’m used to seeing on a bottle.  Maybe because I’ve been playing Skyrim, the women struck me as some medieval adventurer wandering through this field, staff ready to wail on some potential threat (the imagery perhaps influenced by the use of ruthless in the beer’s name.)

In the end, it’s all just beer.


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