The Gay Dictionary

Apparently some group named Arkh Project is aiming to make a RPG that is … friendlier … to people of different ethnicity and sexual orientation than the standard video game protagonists.

Yeah, sure, why not. I generally take offense to the idea of “only someone with X characteristics can make something that appeals to others with X characteristics,” which is a patently ridiculous idea.  Their mission statement is more along the lines of “what others have done hasn’t appealed to us so we’ll do it ourselves.”  But that’s not what this blog posting is about.  What this blog posting is about the experience I had reading an article about this organization on Kotaku (a gaming website I generally loathe) which can be found here.

I read this and the comment section blew my mind.  How much jargon has the LBGT community created for itself?  The examples I noted were:

  1. Cis
  2. Genderqueer
  3. Assigned
  4. Presenting

These got tossed around so casually as though it was just assumed anyone reading the article would know what they mean (which would be appropriate on a blog dealing primarily with LBGT issues, not a gaming one.)

Is there a schism in the LBGT community around this sort of thing? It seems like nonsense to me.  It’s like political correctness taken to an extreme in order to accommodate the delicate egos of people who need to be perceived as so outstandingly unique that there needs to be a word to describe their particular shade of sexuality.   I also think it doesn’t do any favors in getting support from people not deeply embedded in the community.  By needing to create words to describe themselves they’re effectively saying “I’m so alien from you that your language is insufficient to describe me.”  That’s a problem. 

More amusing though is its bizarre single-mindedness.  So the “multitude” of variations in sexuality need to be addressed … but not race.  “People of color” is sufficient.  It’s not some convoluted “people of an ethnic background that is a-typical of the socially accepted ‘standard’ of North America excluding Mexico” .. blah blah blah qualifications.


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