New Action Figure: Robo Girls

I collect action figures.  I don’t really collect a particular series anymore since every line has kind of … stopped.  You can’t even find much of anything at toy stores anymore and so I’ve turned to almost exclusively buying stuff online.  I mostly focus on “eh, that looks cool.”  In this case, the Disney (Japan) character of Drossel fits the bill.  She’s sci-fi looking and cute.  Kind of has an iMac G3 quality to her. I had bought the Figma version last year and was surprised to find there was a redesign of the character, for what I assume was the second series of animated short featuring her.  I tried watching the original series of shorts and found them too … foreign.  I’ll assume the humor (I think the shorts were supposed to be funny) works better for someone who speaks Japanese natively.  Working from subtitles … they don’t work.

Anyway, I was pretty happy to see a new figures were coming out and ordered the larger (and more expensive) version, made by Bandai in the Soul of Chogokin line, which uses real metal, because it was the first one that became available.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that this figure is incapable of standing on its own, given the odd design of the feet.  And legs.  And, uhm …

Robot’s Got Some Mad Hips

But I dig the head with glasses and it goes wonderfully with the book that came with the Figma which was over-sized and never really worked right with a pose. 


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