Oh man, I’d missed Firefox

At some point I switched from using Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. It was a couple of years back, and Firefox had released a bad, slow-ass version. Much that same way such a mis-step ended up taking Netscape off the map, I was so annoyed by the lousy release that I jumped to the nearest competitor (that wasn’t Microsoft Internet Explorer) and didn’t look back.

However, with all the recent hysteria around Google apparently destroying all privacy in the world, and general boredom, and the happenstance of Mozilla putting out version 10 this week, I decided to give the browser another shot.  You know? I’d forgotten how nice this browser was.  It really is a matter of the customization options that Firefox allows.  Also, some things just seem to work better.  For example, I watch a lot of videos on That Guy With the Glasses. Before each of them a commercial plays.  The Adblock Plus plugin (or is that an extension, I’ve never been clear on the distinction) blocks them from playing (as well as commercials on Hulu, although there I get 30+ seconds of dead air) while the same plugin on Chrome never seemed to do that.  I’m able to play around with how the bookmark toolbar is displayed, or have an e-mail checker that can understand that I have multiple accounts.  Also, the plugins for downloading videos from YouTube and other places are much easier to use.

So if you’re an Internet Explorer user … installing another program might be too involved for you and you’re out of luck.  But if you generally use Chrome or another browser, give Firefox a shot.  It’s already back to being my default browser.


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