Still on Schedule

I used to have an account with Shelfari, which wasn’t all that bad as far as social media experiences (with a specific purpose, like DeviantArt and furries) were concerned.  But they got bought up by Amazon, which actually made some sense, however I remember that something went horribly wrong when I tried to combine my old Shelfari account with my Amazon account.  Tempers flared, blood was shed, and I ended up deactivating my Shelfari account.  I lost all trace of the many dozens of books I’d read.  So, instead, I’ll chronicle that here.  As well as video games.  As I’d mentioned previously, I kept up a solid pace of reading one book and beating one video game per month last year and I’d like to keep that up.  It makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something with my leisure (slowly but surely chipping away at the dreaded backlog.)
This month I read the book Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics by Tom Rogers.  Mr. Rogers runs the website Intuitor: Insulting Stupid Movie Physics.  I had bought this book sometime in 2010 … or was it 2009?  I know I bought it at Borders (sniffle) and used one of those 30% or 40% coupons I got for being a Borders Rewards member (oh, right, that’s why they went out of business.)  I had read the website in the past and always found rather amusing and informative (although not updated very frequently.) I just started writing a story about a girl and a dragon (and that story is still not written) and remembered reading an article on the site about the movie Reign of Fire. The article had been really interesting and went into some detail about how dragons could (or couldn’t) realistically work.  I was shocked the find the article had been taken off the site (I guess it was just too old or something) and so I bought the book hoping that article was covered in there.  I was very disappointed to find that it was not.  I also remember being kind of miffed at finding the book at a used bookstore shortly afterwards.
So, anyways, years later that story still isn’t finished, the article still hasn’t been put back on their site (I even once e-mailed them and kindly asked for a copy,) but at least I finally got around to reading the book.  It was OK.  It gets into physics that I don’t fully understand (I was never all that good at hard sciences, even chemistry gave me some trouble in high school and kind of scared me off from the whole idea.) However, the book did a good job of teaching the basics and–most importantly–making them understandable to the reader. It wasn’t just equations, it was equations in relation to “real world” (in so far as the reader if familiar with it from the movie) examples.  Even if the reader doesn’t come off understanding the equations, they’ll have a good understanding of the concepts.  That’s not the end-all be-all of education, but it’s a good start!  
Oh, and I beat Saints Row the Third.  I only did the Homies in Space ending, however, because the friggin’ game glitched up on me when I tried to kill Killbane in the Three Way mission.  Otherwise, it was a pretty awesome game.  A lot of people have said it pales compared to the second game, but I was completely satisfied.  

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