Something I Like But I’m Not Supposed To

I have a PSP Go. I got it used at Electronics Boutique early last year for about $110. By all accounts this was, like, the stupidest thing I ever could have done as the PSP Go was basically the most maligned piece of handheld gaming hardware since the Virtual Boy. This is somewhat corroborated by the fact that the device had very little support commercially; even Sony abandoned the product after a fairly short time.
But I’m going to have to go out on a limb here and say I rather like the device.  It was a very adequate compromise for several demands.  It’s main problem was that it came out so late in the PSP’s product life that it was competing with pre-established expectations from people who were … just not very imaginative. 
The whining masses just didn’t seem to understand that the PSP Go really wasn’t meant for them.  It was a stop-gap measure, and as someone who’s enjoyed his for about a year now I’d have to say a pretty good one, that combined the best aspects of gaming on different devices to one.  Due to the presence of physical controls and decently powered hardware the PSP Go was able to provide “hardcore” gaming experiences that couldn’t be achieved on something like the iPhone.  However because of its size, absence of physical media, and collapsible design it had the same portability and ease of use as an iPhone.
When I used to travel more, I liked to have my Nintendo DS Lite with me.  Between the case to hold games, fiddling around with the stylus, and its size it wasn’t exactly what I would call an optimal gaming-on-the-go experience.  I’ve seen friends playing the 3DS and that gave me bad flashbacks to those days.  In the end, if you didn’t have a boatload of UMD games that would be rendered unplayable (and assuming you were too honest to just hack the heck out of the PSP Go) then it was a fantastic device to start off with.  Sadly, with the PS Vita coming out soon the supply of these things has really dried up in the past few months. It would have been nice if it could have lasted a while alongside the newer version (much like the PS2 has with the PS3) but oh well. 

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