But Seriously, Why do I Care About Upcoming Video Games?

This is Not My Collection, Thank Goodness

I recently posted about the games coming out in 2012 that I’m looking forward to.  The real question is why. I already have an embarrassingly large backlog of games to play or beat.  Looking just at the titles from current gaming platforms I have the following for just the Playstation 3:

  1. 3D Dot Game Heroes (first played a couple of days ago)
  2. Assassins Creed 2
  3. Brutal Legend (unopened)
  4. Bulletstorm
  5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (in my defense, I played about 10 hours and realized I hated this game)
  6. Child of Eden
  7. Darksiders (unopened, owned for at least a year)
  8. De Blob 2 (first played a couple of days ago)
  9. Demon’s Souls (in my defense, this game is apparently just not fun)
  10. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (unopened)
  11. God of War Collection
  12. God of War 3
  13. The House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut
  14. Killzone 3
  15. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (unopened, owned for at least a year)
  16. Monster Madness: Grave Danger
  17. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
  18. Nier
  19. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (unopened, owned for at least a year)
  20. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise
  21. Portal 2
  22. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
  23. Resident Evil 5 Gold EDition (unopened, owned for at least a year)
  24. Resonance of Fate
  25. Rayman Origins (just bought this)
  26. Shadows of the Damned
  27. Saints Row the Third (playing this a lot lately)
  28. The Sly Cooper Collection
  29. Split/Second (unopened, owned for at least a year)
  30. Transformers War for Cybertron (unopened, owned for at least a year)
My sister jokes about how at one point, after my XBOX died, I handed off my games to her and quite a few of them were still in the original shrink wrap. While most games I buy are at reduced prices (about 50% of full retail or less, especially in the case of games in my Steam library)  it still seems like a problem for me to keep accumulating games when I have so many to play through first.
So why do they accumulate? Do I not enjoy playing video games as much as I think I do? Was I not very interested in these particular games as I thought I would be?  Was it because I saw a bargain and jumped on it, for fear of not being able to get something I was (mildly) interested in at such a price later?  That’s patently ridiculous; if I wait years to play a game I would have been better off buying it when I’m about to play it.  With rare exception, game prices go down over time. 
Still, this week has been a banner week for me cracking open neglected titles.  I started playing 3D Dot Game Heroes, De Blob 2, and Overlord (on my PC.)  All three have pretty positive starts.  Who knows, in a year’s time I might even have beaten one of them. 

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