RACCOONS IN THE BOOKS: All Alliteration Amaze

I was pleasantly surprised to find a book titled Rascal Raccoon’s Raging Revenge on the shelf at my local comic book store this weekend. I had never heard of it, but of course it was a must buy based on the title alone!

The book is okay.  It’s never terribly funny–it’s best jokes are based on digs at corporations–but it is fun.  The art is very sharp but doesn’t quite capture the look of the cartoons it tries to be based on; it’s actually not detailed enough.  

The themes it explores are very similar to last year’s Megamind; what does a villain live for after he’s gotten rid of his rival?  However, given the tropes being addressed (this one being inspired by Looney Tunes while Megamind was based on superheroes) they end in somewhat different places despite hitting some very similar story beats.  The whole thing felt somehow rushed; I suppose it’s due to the writer feeling there was no need to world-build.  The characters are mostly stock if you’re familiar with the material that inspired the story.  Yet some of the characters have no clear analogue to the inspiring material (interestingly, the three women in the story) which made their presence confusing.

Additional Material

  • Art of Wag, the website of Justin Wagner (artist of Rascal Raccoon’s Raging Revenge)

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