I was on a raccoon figurine buying binge throughout November.  First I thought “hey, Thanksgiving is coming up, I need a raccoon pilgrim to decorate things!”  Lo and behold, Hallmark released a raccoon pilgrim figurine in the early 80’s and tracking one down on eBay was easy to do.  Second, while I was buying the pilgrim, I got bored and decided to search for “purple raccoon,” expecting to find results related to Bright Heart Raccoon, the Care Bears cousin.  It turned out some urban vinyl designer, Nathan Hamill, put out a purple raccoon figurine which I of course had to purchase.  Also, HOLY SHIT I JUST NOTICED THAT HE HAS A BORIS PILLOW AND HOODIE ON HIS SITE!! Gotta buy, gotta buy … my favorite color is purple and I love raccoons, these are must buys.

Finally, although I had him on preorder for a while he finally shipped in late November, I got the Marvel Universe figure of Rocket Raccoon as a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy collector’s set.  Yeah, I basically paid $30 just for that little guy.  Totally worth it.  Yet I’m unwilling to lay down the $40 for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


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