It’s Never too Early to be Tasteless

Almost a week ago Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., passed away.  If you’re reading a blog entry then that means you have internet access and that means the news of his death has been utterly inescapable for almost a week now.  Tributes, retrospectives, and musings have been ubiquitous all over the media.  But the question is when can one make a joke about his passing?  When does it become a valid time to refer to his passing in a humorous way?

I say now is the time!  So he had cancer.  So he revolutionized the home computer and music industries. So he wore black mock-turtleneck sweaters like some kind of obsessive-compulsive freak.  He was a celebrity like any other.  Amy Winehouse’s death was met immediately with derision and Steve Jobs deserves no better.  With that in mind I gladly present to all of you my top ten tasteless comments about Steve Jobs’ death:

  1. It looks like somebody was really unhappy about the iPhone 4S announcement. (This one came from my brother-in-law.)
  2. “I would like to introduce to all of you iLife for 2012, or as I like to call it, iDead.”
  3. Steve Jobs wanted to personally test the newest product in the Apple family: the iCoffin.
  4. Apple products are magical … their CEO’s not so much.
  5. Clap hard enough and maybe he’ll come back to life with magic.
  6. It seems there are things even an Apple Genius can’t fix.
  7. Apple products may be immune to viruses, but cancer is a different matter.
  8. It Just Works … until it stops working.
  9. He’s not dead; he’s just rebooting.
  10. With everybody wearing black it won’t be clear if they’re attending his funeral or a look-alike contest.

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