Raccoon Red vs. Blue

Skateboards are cool. But skateboarding without
protection is totally UNcool.  Wear a condom, kids!

I’m skipping Raccoons in the News this week to mention to things involving raccoons that I ran across this week:
First, while looking up Rad Raccoon on Facebook I stumbled across the Red Raccoon Interactive Marketing Group based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their site has a lot of posts about changes to the formatting of Google and, presumably, how to exploit them to better promote one’s business.

Today I went to Big Lots to pick up some toiletries and perused the food selection.  Lo and behold I found a drink called Krazy Kritters, specifically “Blue Raz Raccoon” which has a blue raspberry flavor.  The image at the top of this post is what’s on the can.  I couldn’t find an official website for the range of Krazy Kritter drinks, it looks like there used to be one but it just goes to a web hosting page now.  I did manage to find a review of it, though, and it’s not exactly glowing.


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