Kickin’ it at the Small Press Expo!

This weekend I went to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.  I don’t have quite as many thoughts on the experience as I did for the Baltimore Comic Convention.  I must say that the venue was fantastic.  Big, clean, with a really amazing meeting room for holding panel discussions (more like a lecture hall, really) the Marriott Bethesda Conference Center was a very nice location.  Not being in the middle of a major city, travel to and from the place was easy and parking was free which put everyone (me and the two other people who came along) in a good mood.

Some miscellaneous observations:

  1. I was surprised by the lack of art available.  I suppose I shouldn’t have been: it’s called the Small Press Expo and not the small painting expo.  As such, the majority of what was available was comic books from some very small press sources.  It was a little disappointing; I would have liked to come away with more prints and art books like what happened at the Baltimore Comic Convention.
  2. Since it was so focused on comic books I found it weird that there were no people dressed up as characters.  Of course, when you’re dealing with people who often have distribution in the dozens I guess you can’t expect rabid fandoms to represent.
  3. Given that so much of what was available was slice-of-life work about drama, romance, angst, etc. even if people were dressed up as characters you probably wouldn’t be able to tell.
  4. The panel discussions were very boring.  I attended one on cartooning (basically making comic strips, and it spent a lot of time explaining how to fold an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper into a booklet) and another on making art within constraints.  Both were incredibly dull in their presentation and subject matter.
Next time, I’ll go over all of the stuff I bought.

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