What to Do?

I’m actually rather amazed to see that my massive backlog of books has diminished at least a little bit over the past few months. I’ve just started reading Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker. It’s the first real fiction I’ve read in several months.  I’d been on some weird nonfiction kick lately.  I don’t know why I find fiction so much more wearying.

As for my massive backlog of video games … yeah, that’s still rather embarrassing.  Even worse it continues to grow.  Just this weekend I bought the Sly Collection and Bulletstorm because hey, they were each $20 on Amazon.  I know, it’s shocking to think that not only did I not already own the Sly Collection but I’d never played any of those games!

I just need to exercise some self control and keep from buying any new games at full price.  I always end up not playing them until I could’ve bought them for considerably less anyway.  It’s just sad.

But, dammit, Arkham City and Saints Row the Third come out soon.  I must resist their call!


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