Cladun X2

Cladun X2 is Now Available!

I know, this just seems like advertising, but I’m actually kind of psyched that Cladun X2 has come out for the PSP. I found the first game to be a very solid dungeon crawler that could be played a nice little pieces, a necessity for portable gaming.  I found the humor enjoyable; the opening of the game poked fun at gaming tropes but that quickly gave way to the game focusing on its own wackiness instead of playing that one joke until it ceased to be funny.  Finally, I accidentally beat the game after only playing it for a few minutes because it actually allows you to choose to simply walk away from all that adventuring stuff.  There aren’t a lot of games that give you the choice of simply choosing not to play it.

Also, the art is super cute.  Not as stylistic as what’s to be found in the Etrian Odyssey series, but still fairly unique in gaming.


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