RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Nebraskans are A-holes

In the Nebraska senate race, the politicians have taken to referring to each other and welfare recipients as raccoons in derogatory ways.  There are many things wrong with such a comparison.  For starters, hand-outs and scavenging are very different things.  The first major difference being that with hand-outs, things are given to you and with scavenging you have to actively find things. The next big distinction is that scavenging is usually based on consuming refuse.  Raccoons look for food that people have thrown away.  In the wild, scavengers eat the parts of animals that predators have left behind.  People who receive welfare are getting money.  Money is never refuse unless you’re a wealthy individual for whom the amount of the average welfare or unemployment check is so insignificant that you would throw it in the trash.  If that’s the case then how can you really claim to represent the people in your state?

Some sort of Anti Defamation League for Raccoons should be made.



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