Kickin’ It at the BMORECC! (Part One)

Part One: Why Did I Go?

Yesterday I went to the Baltimore Comic Con (henceforth abbreviated at “BMORECC”), which I’ve been told is one of the most importantest comic conventions on the East Coast.  Or so I’m told.  Years ago, at a comic store, I lamented the lack of big shows nearby (this was before the New York Comic Con started.) Some fan/geek within earshot told me about the BMORECC and was amazed I hadn’t heard of it.  I got the impression this was a show with some history to it, but as this year was the 12th one I guess that person was exaggerating its notoriety.

The last comic book show I went to, besides the monthly local ones held in a nearby firestation, was the Philadelphia Comic Convention (since then bought by Wizard Entertainment) back in 1993.  This was significant because 1) at the time I read a lot of comic books and 2) at the time the comic book industry was doing very well, primarily due to an influx of new readers/collectors after the Death of Superman.  I still read comics, but its nowhere near the voracious weekly ritual it was when I was a kid.  Now, I mostly read trade paper backs,so even though I often go to comic book stores I rarely buy monthlies (derisively called “rags.”)

When I think of it, though, to say I don’t read comics is inaccurate. Yes, I don’t read the monthlies but there’s a significant number of series I read through the collections (which usually come out at a rate of twice a year.)
Just off the top of my head:

  1. Anything by the Luna Brothers (artists/writers from the DC Metro area, yet sadly weren’t at the convention).
  2. The Walking Dead and Invincible, both written by Robert Kirkman (and to defend my comic nerd-cred, I’ve been reading Walking Dead since 2004).
  3. Empowered by Adam Warren, which I will continue to defend has more solid characters than most “serious” superhero comics, despite being a (very) softcore BD/comedy series.
  4. The annual Flight anthology.
  5. UDON‘s Street Fighter comics, because I find them to be a lot of fun, and I’ve always been a fan of the games.
  6. Thieves & Kings, although so much time passes between volumes that I’m honestly not sure why I continue. This is a series I pretty much read out of some sense of tradition.  It’s still got, but I’ve completely lost track of the story after all these years.
And those are just the things I regularly read.  I also have a ton of stuff that I buy and read just because I want to try it out or I heard was good.  Looking around my room right now, I can identify:
  1. Ex Machina
  2. Fallout Toy Works
  3. I Kill Giants
  4. The Incredible Hercules
  5. The Li’l Depressed Boy
  6. Skull Kickers
  7. The Umbrella Academy
Which means the claim that I don’t really read comics anymore is plainly false, once examined.  I no longer read comics in the format I did when I was younger, but I haven’t stopped reading them all together.  It’s just that, before, I read comics based on more popular properties such as Spawn, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, & X-Men to somewhat more diverse offerings.  I’ve also ditched the monthly books in place of TPB’s.
So, apparently I’m still a comics fan.  Sadly, nobody whose work I was currently reading would be at the event but at least I belonged there (no less so than anyone else who paid $20 admission belonged there, at least.)  But would this be the wondrous media frenzy that San Diego Comic Con is (which I’ve never had the pleasure of attending) or at least as memorable (to me, at any rate) as my trip to the Philadelphia Comic Con years ago?
No.  Absolutely not.  

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